Death Note Wallpapers


It’s about a high school student by the name of Raito. One day he finds a strange book called Death Note. The book reads that if a human’s name is written in the Note then that person will die in 40 seconds. At first, Raito didn’t believe this, until a few experiments proved him wrong. And also, meeting the Shinigami Ryuk helped him believe in the Note. After Raito learns a bit more about the Note he begins to ‘Cleanse the World’, as he puts it. He kills off all the criminals and gains the nickname ‘Kira’ in the process. Now he has to cleanse the world, and help the Japanese police force try and capture ‘Kira’ along side Raito’s new suspicious enemy who goes simply by the name, L.

What is the speed of dark? L. L. L. Yagami Light Abstract D. N. L from L lawiet Near by Wedy17 Death Note Love~ Death Note Light and L L Lawliet Justice Yagami Good and Bad frijol siniestro angel of death II L & Light - Masteminds Death Note by TarMinastirsvk Death Note Near Light Kira L from Death Note Disco Dancing Death Note