D.N.Angel Wallpapers


Daisuke Niwa was an average teenager… until his fourteenth birthday. After being rejected by his crush, Risa Harada, Daisuke realizes that something is wrong. Very wrong. Poor Daisuke had inherited the Niwa family’s ‘curse’. When he feels strong emotions (namely towards Risa) Daisuke transforms into The Legendary Phantom Thief- Dark Mousy. After the transformation, Daisuke is shoved into the passenger seat as the art thief takes command. A charming part of D.N.Angel is the love… circles… it contains. Daisuke has a crush on Risa Harada who thinks him too plain to be a boyfriend. Risa, however, is in love with Dark who immediately rejects her. Dark is oddly attracted to Riku Harada, Risa’s twin sister. Riku, in turn, dislikes Dark and (?) seems to fancy Daisuke. Satoshi, a boy in Daisuke’s class, appears to have feelings for Daisuke and tries to protect him while, at the same time, tries to capture Dark Mousy. Krad, dear Krad, is obsessed with Satoshi and tries to kill both Daisuke and Dark.

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