Escaflowne Wallpapers


The year is in the 1990s, and this girl named Hitomi likes this guy named Amano Senpai (Teacher Senpai). So she asks him if he would give her her first kiss if she could break 13 seconds in the 100-meter dash. He agrees. She asks him to time her with a pendant that sways fully each second. As she is running, (it is now night time), Van Fanel materializes in front of her and pushes her aside. Talking in a tongue that nobody can understand but Hitomi, he says, “It is coming too…”- then a dragon comes. After a long fight with the dragon, Hitomi sees the future- that the dragon will kill Van. She warns him, but when he doesn’t thank her she gets upset and all of a sudden they dematerialize and go to an invisible world.

Flying in the Sky