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Shirou Emiya wants nothing but to help people, and decides to base his life on doing so. But, one day he is drawn into the Holy Grail War. This war is fought between seven teams, each consisting of a Master and a Servant. The Master is a sorceror, the Servant is a mythical figure under control of the Master. The object of this war is to win the Holy Grail, which will grant you a wish, but it can only be won by a Master/Servant team. Shirou has always had potential as a sorceror, but his power is put to the test when he unknowingly summons Saber, the strongest Servant. Shirou and Saber team up with Rin and Archer, another Master/Servant team, to defeat the other teams and win the Holy Grail War.

Popular Wallpapers

SaBeR LiLy ^^ Saber (maid style) corrupted spirit ~ Dark Saber Saber GSX-R Servant - Saber "Wanna lie down for a bit?"
Cute Saber 22x fate stay knight rin X archer Tea time "Wanna lie down for a bit?" Servant - Saber SaberLily (distant utopia) Unlimited Blade Works Saber - lily background Saber Alter and Rider ~tWo SaBeRs~ Elegant Knight Fate/unlimited codes White Knight Saber~Lily (Fate / unlimited) hangin’ out colder than steel?!…Believe it! SLEEP-OVER! fairies dance Ilyasviel Happy Valentine’s Day! midnight beautiful Beauty and the Beast Sabre, light The next opponent appears Saber GSX-R Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fate/stay night holy grail wars Fate stay summer
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