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The story of Fooly Cooly revolves around a small group of people living together in a slightly off-kilter city. There is 12-year-old Naota, practically alone in the world with an otaku father and a brother currently in the states playing baseball. There is also Mamimi, the 17-year-old girlfriend of his brother, who seems to be paying a lot of attention to Naota himself lately. Then the weird stuff begins when Haruko drops in, runs him over with a Vespa scooter, kisses him, and bashes him in the head with a bass guitar (oh, and he survived all that), and now strange things are coming out of his head…literally!. And this is just the first episode. Imagine five more episodes where things just get even wilder. And yet, every now and then, there is just the right dose of sanity to make this a short but sweet series.

flcl wall00 flcl wall01 Sour Things furi kuri Eri Ninamori A big brat and a stupid girl