Fruits Basket Wallpapers


Tohru Honda is a first year high school student when her mother dies, leaving her alone. Tohru chooses to live with her paternal gandfather, but when she sees that he is having house problems, she decides she doesn’t want to burden him and begins to live in a tent in the forest. Tohru only wants to finish high school to make her mother proud. It turns out the land Tohru is staying on belongs to the Sohma family. Yuki Sohma is the most popular boy in Tohru’s school. When the Sohma’s discover her tent they invite her to come live with them, and Tohru agrees as long as she is able to repay their kindness with her housekeeping skills. Through an accident, Tohru discovers that the Sohma family is cursed to turn into an animal from the Chinese zodiac when embraced by the opposite sex. Tohru quickly grows close to the family, and they become dear friends to her. Tohru struggles to keep the Sohma family secret and learn more about the family, but this may cause her much pain.

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