Gravitation Wallpapers


Gravitation is a 13 episode anime featuring Shuichi Shindou as the main character. Shuichi is part of a rock band called “Bad Luck” along with two other teen boys. He’s quite talented and writes the lyrics for the songs that Bad Luck plays. On his way home one day, he meets Eiri Yuki, a popular and handsome writer. Shuichi’s newest lyrics were read by Yuki, who insults them and tells Shuichi that he has “zero talent.” Shuichi pursues him and inadvertently falls in love with Yuki. He loves Yuki with all his heart, despite his being a male, and loves him as much as he does singing. He would go to great measures for Yuki, and he eventually surpasses all of Yuki’s former lovers with his strong love for the handsome writer. Yuki however has a stubborn personality and rejects Shuichi in the beginning. Later on he falls for him and his cuteness as Shuichi decides to move in with him.

Kiss Me Yuki Shuichi from Gravitation Ryuichi Bunny and Suguru from Gravitation Yaoi Tohma on Piano from Gravitation Shuichi and Noriko-chans daughter Yuki Eiri from Gravitation iGravitation Mr K from Gravitation