Gundam Seed Destiny Wallpapers


Cosmic Era 70: The Bloody Valentine incident sparked a war between PLANTs and the Earth Alliance. Eventually, they achieved an uneasy truce after the battle over Jachin Due. However, the hatred between Naturals and Coordinators runs deep and many could not fully accept the peaceful resolution. During a battle that took place in ORB during the last war, Shin Asuka and his family were running for a evacuation ship when an explosion killed his parents and sister. All he had left of his family was his sister’s cellphone. Cosmic Era 73: The tensions between Naturals and Coordinators flare up into another conflict. Shin Asuka, disillusioned by the ideals of ORB, has since joined ZAFT as a mobile suit pilot and will prove to play an instrumental role in this new war…

Gundom Splash Fun!!! Fate / stay OR Gundam SEED? U decide Meer Campbell Lacus…elegant, strong, and beautiful Dress Up Match Made In Heaven Bishounen Spirit