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Inu-Yasha is about a half-demon called Inu-Yasha, and a girl with a secret named Kagome. Oh, and many other demons that are trying to get Kagome, of course. Kagome has been implanted with the Jewel of Four Souls [Shikon no Tama] from her previous incarnation, Kikyou. And if that wasn’t enough, she has also finds herself beening sucked into a magic well, only to land way back in the time of her ancestors. Shortly afterwards, Mistress Centipede, a giant centipede-like demon, attacks, and she reluctantly releases Inu-Yasha to help defeat it. Unfortunately, after the demon is taken care of, Inu-Yasha goes after Kagome for the jewel.

Popular Wallpapers

Sushomiru Inuyasha-Bonds Kikyo vs Kagome
inuyasg sango miroku yasha sango chan inu-chan inu y sess sesshomaru Sango and Kirara inuyasha true love mad inu sesshoumaru 2 kago and fox mid night (inu) kagomy cute inuyasha 2 brothers sesshoumaru inu-yasha + kagome inuyasha navidad inuyasha sesshoumarou Inuyasha and Kagome Kikyo vs Kagome Inuyasha-Bonds Thinking of the future Summer Time A Demon Slayers Brouthrs in hate Sushomiru Together Time
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