Kiddy Grade Wallpapers


The story takes place in a future where the human race has expanded and inhabits a multitude of planets in the universe with fantastic technology. Unsurprisingly, crime has grown alongside technology, and thus the GOTT, Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, is formed as a sort of universal police force. Within this organization, there is a special (and secret) branch known as the ES Force (ES standing for “Encounter of Shadow-work”), consisting of twelve young people that possess amazing superpowers. Each ES member operates with another as a team, and the series’ focus is a team of two low-level members, Éclair and Lumière.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Eclair (black) lipstick lasso (Eclair) Eclair Que Feuilles (K-G. 2) Eclair (Gotoh Keiji) As time goes by… Donnerschlag (with Eclair and Lumi) Lumi and Eclair queen of hearts good friends? or….something more? (Lumiere and Tweedledee) Eclair (Kiddy Grade)