Uchina Obito Wallpaper

by George

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Uchina Obito



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George's Comments

Obito is seen here holding out his dagger and a long quote to the left of him.

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#1 sexy hot anime's avatar

sexy hot anime 8th, November 2007

enjoy my sexy walls

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obito is one of the uchiha and he is the one that gave kakashi the sharingan he was strong

hentai is the best
#2 hakuie's avatar

hakuie 8th, November 2007

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Holy Shit i never new he was an uchia that is sso amising

#3 ilovegaara-kun's avatar

ilovegaara-kun 8th, November 2007


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at first i thought obito might be tobi but he’s not, in a wired way i wish he was