King Of The Dead

Soul of the Skies

Written by: King of the Dead on 7:23AM - Wednesday 27th of April 2011

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Fall 2010 Upcoming Animes

Written by: Dan on 4:35PM - Saturday 28th of August 2010

noVa at Manga Central updated for the Fall 2010.

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Summer 2010 Upcoming Anime

Written by: Dan on 4:28PM - Saturday 22nd of May 2010

If you haven’t seen it already, there’s a sweet chart made by noVa at Manga Central of all Summer Anime series:

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Welcome to 2010

Written by: Dan on 12:01PM - Friday 1st of January 2010

Wow, can’t believe it’s 2010 already. Only two more years to the end of the world…

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Happy Holidays!

Written by: Dan on 3:35AM - Friday 25th of December 2009

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a great New Year’s.
Don’t get too drunk.

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Fall Line Up

Written by: Dan on 12:39AM - Tuesday 18th of August 2009

If you haven’t already seen this, here is a list of the Fall Anime lineup.

Source: http://chartfag.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/im-a-chinese-dancing-horse-look-at-my-hooves-of-cress/

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Elemental Hunters and CANAAN

Written by: Dan on 3:54AM - Sunday 9th of August 2009

Just started watching both of these new series and it seems pretty interesting (okay, only CANAAN so far).
Elemental Hunters seems very similar to Digimon/Pokemon/collect X types of animes out there but using elements. Throws in a bunch of book-learning fake science (any other kind in anime?) and you got a show? […]

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IP Address change

Written by: Dan on 1:31PM - Friday 7th of August 2009

My apologies for the downtime. But my host has informed me that Cogent Communications filed a cease and desist for use of some of their IP addresses. In effect, they just took it back without warning.
My host has quickly been able to give me a new set of IP addresses but at the […]

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Why people do things?

Written by: Dan on 10:19PM - Thursday 28th of May 2009

Two things.
1. Apparently one user decided that “leaving” (posting on another site instead of this one) wasn’t the only thing he was going to do. He decided to post a bunch of comments and utilizing javascript/meta tags to force redirect pages to his own site. Thank you. Without people like you […]

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Maintenence tomorrow and downtime (Updated 5/20/09)

Written by: Dan on 1:09AM - Wednesday 20th of May 2009

Alright, apologies all around. I’ve been so busy lately that I simply haven’t had time to do any work on the site.
I promise to find more time to work on the site soon!
My hosting provider has notified me that they’re going to be doing maintenance tomorrow and the site may be unavailable for a […]

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Written by: Dan on 4:18PM - Saturday 7th of March 2009

Sorry. It’s been quite a bit of busy work where I am so I haven’t had time to work on this site as much as I would have liked. Not that excuses hold any water, but still.
I’m doing some maintenance around the site first since it seems like it’s running a bit sluggish. […]

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Welcome to 2009

Written by: Dan on 12:01AM - Thursday 1st of January 2009

Wow, it’s already 2009. I can hardly believe it. It seems not that long ago we just rang in 2008.
I unfortunately have been super busy lately and I’m hoping to have some more time to dedicate to the Site soon. I want to thank the moderators for helping maintain the […]

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Labor Day Weekend

Written by: Dan on 3:31AM - Sunday 31st of August 2008

Alright, so my internet appears to be working more properly albeit a little sluggish.
I’ll be doing work on the backend this weekend.
Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day Weekend (in the US).

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Verizon and Co

Written by: Dan on 1:22AM - Wednesday 13th of August 2008

My internet connection has been going in and out making it very hard to do any updates. They are sending a tech this weekend so that will hopefully fix it. I’m sorry for the trouble and I’m trying to respond to all the emails as I can (although it’s a bit hard when […]

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Standard, Widescreen and Original and Lost Emails

Written by: Dan on 2:22AM - Tuesday 8th of July 2008

Hi everyone,
The Wallpaper submission has been updated to accept Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:10) and “Original” (no resizing) formats. It will automatically determine it’s ratio and scale down as appropiate. Original format is for those wallpapers are not in the 4:3 or 16:10 ratio and will not scale down.
Also, apparently some emails from the […]

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Happy 4th of July

Written by: Dan on 2:03PM - Friday 4th of July 2008

Happy 4th of July everyone.
I’m hoping that my internet connection will be better this weekend so I can make some changes including updating the wall paper sizes. Unfortunately, Verizon is pretty terrible when it comes to getting people out here to check on the wires and stuff (which seems to be the problem).

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Internet Issues and Email

Written by: Dan on 1:00AM - Monday 30th of June 2008

I’ve been having issues with my internet connection. I don’t want to do any updates until it has resolved mainly because I don’t want to make an update to the code and then have my connection cut out leaving possible problems while I scramble to try to get back online. Hopefully this will […]

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New Server

Written by: Dan on 2:30AM - Monday 16th of June 2008

I’ve been notified of a few issues with people posting new wallpapers and some glitches here and there. I apologize. I’ve moved to a new server but apparently it wasn’t as seamless as I thought it would be. Please bear with me as I fix up all the problems.

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Forums Launch

Written by: Dan on 3:03PM - Friday 25th of April 2008

Hai everyone! Firstly I would like to apologize for taking sooo long with updating you lot on the current status of AW.
I’ve been working for 2 long gruesome months now and it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of our forums. Here you can discuss anything you want, share your artwork and generally […]

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Dashboards in progress

Written by: Dan on 5:43PM - Saturday 5th of April 2008

Just letting everyone know the dashboard pages are being worked on live, so please ignore any errors and malfunction until you hear otherwise. Oh, and the forums are about 70% ready as well. So everything is coming alone nicely and should have these features rolled out within the coming weeks.

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Feedback Wanted

Written by: Dan on 12:16PM - Tuesday 11th of March 2008

Both the designs for dashboard and forum pages are more or less completed. However, I’d appreciate feedback before coding them. I.E if there is anything you don’t like or want me to add, here is the place to say it!
Click the thumbnails for full versions.

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Thumbnail of New User Profiles

Written by: Dan on 5:00PM - Friday 29th of February 2008

I’ve been working solidly for the past 2 days revamping user galleries (soon to be renamed: “My Dashboard”). Dashboards will move away from the current URL setup (”/artists/username”) and each member will get there own dashboard on a subdomain. e.g. youhere.anime-wallpapers.com.
I really want dashboard’s to allow better communication between our members, so one new feature […]

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General Updates

Written by: Dan on 3:39PM - Wednesday 27th of February 2008

Hey hows everyone doing?
Sorry about not posting some news sooner, wanted to wait until I had some updates complete. I’ve added two dropdown menus, one for “My Controls” which has been split into 3 pages: Update Password & Email, Upload Avatar and Edit Profile. I did this so it’ll be easier to integrate any new […]

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Oopsey daisy

Written by: Dan on 2:03PM - Sunday 17th of February 2008

Some very frustrating news guys and girls. I accidentally deleted the previous news posts while playing around with the database, which has put me in quite the predicament as I now have to start the news section from scratch. So I guess this is the first post, again. Yhay!
But that aside, I’d like to tell […]

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