One Piece Wallpapers


Fame…fortune…power… The one man who had it all in this world was the great Pirate King, Gold Roger…whose fateful last words drove men to the sea. “My treasure? If you want it, I will give it. All the riches in the world await the person who can but find it.” And so, brave souls set sail for the Grand Line in search of their dreams. The Great Age of Pirates had begun. It’s a pirate adventure like no other you’ve over seen. Now, Monkey D. Luffy has set out on his own grand adventure. His goal, to fulfil a promise he made to his idol, the pirate Shanks, to seek out the Grand Line and find the Pirate King’s treasure: One Piece. He is both blessed and cursed by having eaten of the Gum Gum fruit, known throughout the seas as the “Devil’s Fruit”. Though now unable to swim, his body is now able to stretch like rubber. With his newfound powers and the crew of the Going Merry at his side (famed pirate hunter Zolo, crafty pirate thief Nami, compulsive liar Usopp, and suave but kicking cook Sanji), Monkey sets out to follow in the wakes of the great pirates and write his own name in the pages of history.

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