Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers


Yuji Sakai, a high school student, expected his very normal life to last forever. However, this expectation is quickly shattered one day while on his way home.

The world suddenly freezes in time, leaving Yuji to watch in horror as blue flames engulf the people around him. Soon a monster resembling a large doll appears and begins sucking the flames into its mouth, until it notices Yuji. Surprised with Yuji’s insusceptibility to the time-stop (fuzetsu), it jumps with glee.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Shakugan no shana 1 Midnight Assassin EnPaTsU ShAkUgAn nO UcHiTe Hunter Friagne and Shana Hunter Friagne and the Flame Hazes Wirhelmina Carmel (anime version) Wirhelmina Flaming hair, blazing eyes, and…….melon bread?! Shakugan no Shana