Shugo Chara! Wallpapers


Shugo Chara is a shojo manga and anime. In other words, it is in the Magical Girl series. Shugo Chara is about a kid named Amu Hinamori who is a popular girl in Saiyo Elementary. Amu actually has many characters but is afraid of changing because if she does, she’s afraid that her school will shun her. So one day after dinner, she wishes that she could be re-born as her would-be self. Then the next day she finds 3 eggs in her bed. That day, right before she enters her school, Tadase Hotori stops her because he saw the 3 eggs she has. Tadase is part of the Guardians, a special Students Council for the students. Amu tells him to stop acting like they’re buddies and calls him ‘Shortie’. Later that day, the Guardians have a meeting about the uniform policy and things like that. Something happens in which one of Amu’s eggs makes Amu say that she likes Tadase. She is rejected and she runs away.

Amu Hinamori Amulet angel….U_U Love of the Heart Shugo chara Amu wallpaper by Propheaker