Sonic Wallpapers


During what seems to be a routine attack on Dr. Eggman’s headquarters to rescue Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, Sonic and his friends are caught in a massive and mysterious explosion that transports them to what, at first, appears to be another dimension. Separated from his friends, Sonic eventually finds himself in custody of a boy named Christopher Thorndyke, who saves Sonic’s life after he nearly drowns in his pool. Chris lives in a lavish mansion, funded by his two celebrity parents, with his inventor grandfather.

Sonic + Shadow come get me Sonic the Christmas Sonic Pose Pointing Action shot Sonic N-Gage Shadow Sonic Vs Shadow Knuckles 2 Sonic Attack Sonic Speed Dr Eggman Super Sonic Sonic X Riders Ready set Go Shine Sleek Ho Ho Sonic Hedgehog Ride the current Knuckles Hawk Green X Gang 3D Sonic X Ridersonic Tails Sonic Heroes