Wolf's Rain Wallpapers


According to an old legend, when the end of the world comes, Paradise will appear, however, only wolves will have access to it. Although wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction nearly two hundred years ago, they still exist, surviving by taking human form.

Kiba, an injured lone white wolf, goes to Freeze City following the scent of the Lunar Flower, which is the key to opening Paradise. There he encounters Tsume, Hige, and Toboe, three other wolves who were drawn to Freeze City by the scent of the Lunar Flower and are now living in the city. The wolves encounter Quent Yaiden, a former Sheriff of Kyrios, obsessed with hunting down wolves, and his dog Blue. Cheza, the Flower Maiden who is destined to lead the wolves to Paradise, is being studied at a laboratory under the care of Cher Degré. She is awakened by the smell of wolf’s blood. As Kiba and Hige approach the lab to find her, she is stolen away by Lord Darcia the Third, whose people created Cheza.

As they pursue Cheza, the wolves travel through various cities and the remnants of former habitations.

[Source: Wikipedia]

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